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n Compacting [Stupid] Information:     GIX, Adult Men and Women, Native Subjects, Music and Health
n Goverment Information Exchange (GIX)
"The GIX not only connects you to the Federal Directory and Yellow Pages, but it can direct you to Electronic Shopping Networks and Intergovernmental Collaboration sites. Some of these intergovernmental topics will take you off-site, so don't be disconcerted when you see the farewell message from GIX. You can return with a click of Navigator's Back button and continue to look through job listings, health tips, and a comprehensive list of federal agencies organized by agency name (CIA; FDIC) or service category (benefits, grants)."  This information was quoted from Tara Calishain's little booklet, ComputerLife's excerpts from: Official Netscape Guide to Internet research.

n Adult Men and Women Tune In!
A christian group explains what a herem is. Here's what they say: The term herem is notoriously hard to translate. It may be translated "banned" or "devoted things." It refers to plundered items and people captured during the course of holy war. herem involves consecration, the giving over of the captives of war to God. Consecration is a word that suggests worship, and once we understand herem warfare in its whole context, we can see just how appropriate that understanding is.
N Native Subjects
I wanted to buy a digital camera but found out the following from J&R Music and Computer World: "The flash makes a burst of light for shooting inside or in low-light conditions. The type(s) of flash available vary from camera to camera. The flashes built-in to most digital cameras have limited range and adjustability (on average, these flashes do not work well beyond 10 feet) in comparison to external flash options, which can provide a much more powerful and versatile flash." I like taking pictures in doors, so that's a negative. I also like blowing up favorite photos to 8 x 10 in., but I don't like buying expensive printer supplies just to print a few photos. So the computer connection of digital cameras is not worth the loss of professional photagraphy.
Less comical links are more interesting like this local television station link WWLTV.com from New Orleans, Louisiana. Its sponsors, New Orleans' WWL News channel, won an Associated Press award for its content in the month of June 2000.

n Music and Health
Here's a copy of a report on Music Theraphy, by Eliasar M. Simon, M.D. This medical report says music is benefitial to your intellectual health. Academically, I am an intellectual, and I have the records to prove it. I have been listening to and living music since I entered college in 1986. I started with pop and theatre, but around 1997 I switched to hard rock and heavy metal. I now have Metallica's Master of Puppets, Reload, and Garage Inc. albums. I made this surprising switched because metal lyrics suit the tougher life of computer science students better.

In other health news, Internet support groups allowing any one to join are available for various health issues.

n Windows Backup Guide

n Save Your Files Before Your OS Crashes

The best way to back up your PC is to keep your important files in the folder 'My Documents'.  Your desktop should not contain important files because public users may corrupt them.  You will not find this desktop advise from another source, but it makes good sense.  A backup company called Argentum writes software based on this centralized policy.  They explain PC backup as follows:

The My Documents folder most likely contains many of your important files. Most Windows programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access save their data in My Documents folder. The My Documents folder may contain subfolders such as My Pictures, My Music and My Downloads that you may wish to backup separately. Those folders usually take up a lot of space, and they are therefore recommended to be taken care separately.

We recommend backing up only those files that cannot be easily re-created. Generally speaking, these would be files that you create and save to your hard drive. Files that you created usually have a name that you assigned to them. Do backup your personal files, such as files created or named by you, files that are difficult to re-create, your financial files, files used frequently, like your contacts, files special to you, like your digital pictures. Don't back up operating system files, program files or applications, those with the .exe, .dll, .ocx, .hlp or .chm extensions. Don't back up temporary files with the .tmp and .bak extensions.

Also note that you may have placed some of the important files on your desktop, the common location for program shortcuts and start icons. Many users tend to do this. My Documents, a standard Windows folder for storing personal documents, is where we are advising you to put all the important documents, pictures, files, and any other information you don't wish to loose, so that your data can easily be backed up from one central location. The default location of My Documents folder will vary depending on what version of Windows you're running:

n  Quote Of the Day, Thursday, August 19, 2004, and Bible Quote Of the Year  (2 Peter 2:10-22)

10  and especially those who
walk according to the flesh in the
lust of uncleanness and despise
authority. They are presumptu-
ous, self-willed; they are not
afraid to speak evil of dignitar-
ies, 11 whereas angels, who are
greater in power and might, do
not bring a reviling accusation
against them before the Lord.
12 But these, like natural brute
beasts made to be caught and
destroyed, speak evil of the
things they do not understand
and will utterly perish in their
own corruption,
13 and will receive the wages of
unrighteousness, as those who
count it pleasure to carouse in
the daytime. They are spots and
blemishes, carousing in their
own deceptions while they feast
with you,
14 having eyes full of adultery
and that cannot cease from sin,
beguiling unstable souls. They
have a heart trained in covetous
practices, and are accursed chil-
dren. 15 They have forsaken the right
way and gone astray, following
the way of Balaam the son of
Beor, who loved the wages of
16  but he was rebuked for his
iniquity: a dumb donkey speak-
ing with a man's voice restrained
the madness of the prophet.
17 These are wells without wa-
ter, clouds carried by a tempest,
to whom the gloom of darkness
is reserved forever. 18 For when they speak great
swelling words of emptiness,
they allure through the lusts of
the flesh, through licentiousness,
the ones who have actually es-
caped from those who live in er-
19 While they promise them lib- erty, they themselves are slaves
of corruption; for by whom a per-
son is overcome, by him also he
is brought into bondage.
20 For if, after they have es-
caped the pollutions of the world
through the knowledge of the
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
they are again entangled in
them and overcome, the latter
end is worse for them than the
beginning. 21 For it would have been bet-
ter for them not to have known
the way of righteousness, than
having known it, to turn from
the holy commandment deliv-
ered to them.
22 But it has happened to them
according to the true proverb:
"A dog returns to his own
vomit," and, "a sow, having
washed, to her wallowing in the

n Social Issues of Drug Abuse

  1. Get rehabilitation for your love one.
  2. Drug Regulation: The Anti-Drug Abuse Acts, signed into law in 1986 and 1988, set up funding for the treatment of drug abuse and for the creation of law-enforcement programs to fight the illegal sale of drugs. These acts also detailed severe punishments for individuals selling and possessing drugs illegally. Harsh penalties for using anabolic steroids (hormones that promote the storage of protein and the growth of tissue that are sometimes abused by competitive athletes) were included in the 1988 act, along with the requirement that all alcoholic beverages be labeled with warnings about alcohol’s potentially dangerous effect on the body. The 1988 act also established the Office of National Drug Control Policy to develop an action plan that would involve the public, as well as private agencies, in eliminating the illegal sale of drugs; in helping individuals who use drugs to stop; and in preventing nonusers from ever starting to use drugs. Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 2002. © 1993-2001 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  3. Homelessness: The homeless population is largely made up of adult men, but the proportion of women, children, and youth has steadily increased. This group now comprises more than 40 percent of the total homeless population. Most homeless people are also extremely poor and estranged from their families and other social networks. About one-third of the adult homeless are chronically mentally ill, and about half are alcoholic or abuse drugs. During the 1950s, most homeless people were older, white, alcoholic men associated with the rundown sections of cities known as skid rows. Today's homeless, however, are mostly non-white; relatively young, with an average age in the middle 30s; and include a large number of women and children. About one-third of homeless men are veterans. Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 2002. © 1993-2001 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  4. Poverty: In most developed countries, rates of mental illness are highest among the poor. The most common disorders associated with poverty are depression and anxiety disorders. Without meaningful, well-paying work and the resources and social affirmation that come with it, many poor people develop low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness. People who are stressed by the uncertainty of where they will get their next meal or spend the night often develop high anxiety. Because the poor experience high rates of severe mental illness, they also have high rates of suicide. Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 2002. © 1993-2001 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

n Social Issues of Owning a Marriage License

n Check Your Weight
You must have the right amount of body fat to be healthy.  The form below will calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) for you.  All you have to do is enter your weight and height.
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According to the Panel on Energy, Obesity, and Body Weight Standards published by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, your category is:

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