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Terrebonne Parish Public Records

  • Quanda L. Joseph, 400 Westside Blvd. Apt. 156, Houma; Born: 1/11/1979; Occp: Sales Cood & Thomas G. Turner, 422 Ashlawn St., Houma; Borned 9/24/1979; Occp: Jar Tech; License#54035 on 9/19/2007
  • Kimberly A. Martin, 242 Kimino Drive, Gray; Born: 2/8/1981; Occp: unemployed & Brody T. Fanguy, 242 Kimino Drive, Gray; Born: 5/31/1974; Occp: Operator; License#54036 on 9/19/2007
  • Tonya V. Pons, 733 Natalie Drive, Houma; Born: 1/14/1972; Occp: unemployed & Gray D. Galjour, 733 Natalie Drive, Houma; Born: 8/8/1969; Occp: Driver; License#54037 on 9/19/2007
  • Ronda D. Herrod, 126 S. Dupre St., Montegut; Born: 1/10/1968; Occp: Homemaker & Drake A. Dupre, 126 S. Dupre St, Montegut; Born: 9/13/1974; Occp: Surveyor; License#54039 on 9/21/2007
  • Rebekah M. Reaves, 405 Pecan St., Houma; Born: 1/3/1981; Occp: General Manager & Matthew M. Spolarich, 405 Pecan St., Houma; Born: 10/6/1980; Occp: Military; License#54041 on 9/21/2007
  • Heather A. Naquin, 313 Highland Drive, Houma; Born: 4/2/1985; Occp: Dog Groomer & Brian A. Terry, 313 Highland Drive, Houma; Born: 9/29/1985; Occp: Machinist; License#54042 on 9/21/2007
  • Tomika D. Gray, 211 St. Malo St., Houma; Born: 12/4/1976; Occp: Nurse & Hebert Patterson, 211 St. Malo St., Houma; Born: 9/8/1966; Occp: Unemployed; License#54043 on 9/24/2007
  • Glinis R. Wallace, 212 Raywood Drive, Houma; Born: 8/20/1966; Occp: Teacher & Frankie L. Terrell, 212 Raywood Drive, Houma; Born: 2/4/1963; Occp: Truck Driver; License#54046 on 9/24/2007

Source: The Courier, Saturday, September 29, 2007, 4A, Terrebonne Parish Public Records

Prosecutor's sex-sting arrest shocks town


© 2007 New York Times News Service

GULF BREEZE, Fla. - To neighbors
here, J.D. Roy Atchison was a deft fed-
eral prosecutor, an involved father and
a devoted volunteer, coaching girls's soft-
ball and basketball teams year in and
year out.
  His wife is a popular science teacher;
his youngest daughter, an honors stu-
dent who was on her high-school home-
coming court last year. Their house,
with rocking chairs on the porch, oaks
in the yard and a wrought-iron fence,
is among the prettiest in town.
  But in an instant last week, the com-
munity pillar became an object of com-
munity loathing. Atchison, 53, was ar-
rested getting off a plane in Detroit on
Sept. 16 and charged with the un-
thinkable. The authorities there said
he was carrying a doll and petroleum jel-
ly, and that he had arranged with an un-
dercover agent to have sex with a 5-
year-old girl.
  Now Atchison is awaiting trial in a
federal prison in Michigan, and the peo-
ple of Gulf Breeze, an affuent bayside
suburb in the Florida Panhandle, are
outraged, baffled and repulsed.
  "He had an excellent reputation," said
Barry Beroset, a criminal-defense
lawyer in Pensacola who has known
Atchison for 15 years. "He was very
businesslike and appeared to be a very
good man, no question about it."
  Ronald Johnson, a defense lawyer in
Pensacola, Fla., who has worked with
Atchison, described him as "fairly
intellectual,"  adding: "Sometimes he
was a little eccentric, but nothing
perverted or weird. Just a little
  Pressed, Johnson could not
elaborate. In fact, no one could
describe Atchison in a way that
scended generalities. In interviews
around this town of 6,450, the phrase
"nice guy" came up a lot. Edwin A.
Eddy, the city manager, said he was "no
more charismatic than anybody else"
and "not any quieter or more gregarious
than anyone else."
  Eddy said he had scoured his mem-
ory for any clue that Atchison, who he
said seemed "as straight as they come,"
was not.
  "I constantly think about all the in-
teractions I had with Mr. Atchison over
they years," said Eddy, who coached soft-
ball with him, "and I think, 'Should I
have been able to see something?'"
  What the authorities saw in the In-
ternet sting operation that led to Atchi-
son's arrest was a man who led a second
life as "f1daddy04," the moniker on a Ya-
hoo profile traced to him. "I adore
everything about young girls," the pro-
file says, "how they talk, think, act, walk,
  The police in Michigan said that
Atchison had been chatting online for
two weeks with an undercover detect-
tive for the Macomb County Sheriff's
Department, who posed as a mother
offering to let men have sex with her
young daughter. When she expressed
concern that sex could injure the girl,
according to court documents, Atchi-
son responded, "I'm always gentle and
loving; not to worry; no damage ever;
no rough stuff ever ever."
  He added, "I've done it plenty."
  People here found that statement es-
pecially chilling, though the Gulf Breeze
Police Department said that so far, no
one here has come forward with accu-
sations of abuse.
  "There's so many unanswered ques-
tions," said Deputy Police Chief Robert
  Atchison has worked at the smal U.S.
Attorney's Office in Pensacola since the
1980's, most recently handling asset for-
feitures in criminal cases as an assis-
tant U.S. attorney. In one high-profile
case, Atchison oversaw the government
seizure of a popular beach bar at the
center of a cocaine-trafficking ring.
  His is considered one of the most con-
servative U.S. attorney's office in the
country, known for refusing plea agree-
ments and seeking the stiffest sen-
   Johnson said that Atchison was close
with the other prosecutors in his office,
going with some on an annual lobster-
driving trip in the Florida Keys. A big
white fishing boat sat in his otherwise-
empty driveway this week. His inter-
ests, according to the Yahoo profile that
the police said was his, include "surf-
ing, skiing, diving, boating, young girls,
petite girls, skinny girls."
   The FBI, which is working with Ma-
comb County in the investigation, said
that in one of his last e-mail exchanges
with the undercover agent, Atchison
told her to tell her daughter that "you
found her a sweet boyfriend who will
bring her presents."
  Atchison has pleaded not guilty to
charges of traveling across state lines to
have sex with a child under 12, using the
Internet to entice a minor and travel-
ing to another state to engage in illicit
sex. He could face life in prison if con-
  He tried to hang himself with a bed
sheet in his jail cell last week after as-
suring his lawyer and a judge that he
would not harm himself.
The Police in Michigan said that Atchison had
been chatting online for two weeks with an
undercover detective for the Macomb County
Sheriff's Department, who posed as a mother
offering to let men have sex with her daughter.

Old Mommie and Young Girl

This section is a little rough, so it's still under development. Just have to add supporting facts.
Immature LICENSES:

  • In Louisiana, we have a lot of spring break-like activity.  But did you know mothers sometimes invade their deaughters spring break to flash their chests?
  • What I'm concerned about is how immature those mothers must be to flash their breasts with their deaughters.  That means the mother is not much maturer than the deaughter.
  • It all boils down to these dysfunctional mothers will be too dependent to hold on to a husband.  It is a nightmare for any man to meet these stupid mothers.  They wish to please but they don't know how.  And really, they don't know how because they don't want to know how.
  • If you search for facts on this subject all you will find is hot, exciting images and video.  So that's all I have in terms of facts.  So if you are not under age and want to see a site talking--not actually talking but doing it-- about old mommies and young girls, click here.
  • This blog content is designed to be a little funny like an off comedy of The David Letterman Show.  It has similar entertaining intentions of David Letterman's humorous side.  On the serious side, classy guys looking for a wife should not start with Louisiana girls.
  • The major dysfunction feature in louisiana women is their jeolously about associates who are not their official boyfriend. They make their jeolousy official in powerful, contractual ways. Let's say she wants catfish to remind the community of her silly sexual whims. Then if a man wants to avoid the mud catfish and buy bass-like fish instead, she will block his choice by creating rules to keep non-catfish out the grocery stores. Do this riduculous hypothesis make you laugh or giggle? Who cares. Just laugh. She does other powerful things too. She sign state bills to block men from being entertained by other women. This could be from interstate cigarette hassle to interstate rated R hassle. It's much like she's treating her self-assigned boyfriends like bad little boys, taking away their rights to access adult-like things. She shuts down businesses that are convenient to men but not the entire community, which forces men to walk the same paths that women walk. Again, this is like forcing bad little boys to walk in the paths of their mothers.

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